Saturday, May 7, 2011


 Chuck's our neighbor.  He's a piper.  He's totally on top of his game today.  He and his buddies--the Eagle Rock Pipe Band--went down into a 30+ mph wind and dedicated a new Farmers Market at Snake River Landing today.  We were there.  It was C-O-L-D!  Chuck and his fellows never flinched, they never showed the slightest indication it was freezing anatomy cold this morning.  They fired up their pipes and marched off in tune as if it was a mid-80's July day.  Chuck is a mentor to the young people in this band.  We could tell they dote on his every word and every note.  He put in a full four hours down there in the rip snortin' wind and when he came back he was all smiles.  Congratulations, Chuck, you represent everything that's right about this Country we call America.  God Bless You and Carry ON!

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