Saturday, May 7, 2011

She's in Her Element Yet Again

This shot was taken less than an hour ago.  Susun found a place out of the wind and the pitter patter of the rain to pot her pansies.  Yep, she's in her element again.  Maybe we should rewrite that Gene Autry classic "Back In The Saddle Again" to be "Back In Her Element Again."  Instead of "totin' my old .44," it could be "planting my pansies again."  Ain't nothing like watching Miss Susun when Springtime rolls 'round.  She's DEFINITELY in her element again!  As I wrote this, she just came in the room and bragged, "48 pansies in an hour and dinner, too!"  SHE ROX!


Marti Spudboater said...

Hey Sista Sue; you rock as my co plant conspirator. I spent yesterday moving the garden fencing and turning it into two garden "paddocks" so I can do chicken rotational grazing throughout winter when the garden is done. I'm really sore after 6 hours of fence pounding and moving plastic mesh garden fencing. No plants for me and it's been pouring all night. The rain barrel is totally full and spilling over slowly, even though I'd drained it nearly dry watering chickens and other stuff. Happy mom's day, Sista.

stasea said...

You're beautiful!!