Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We've been flatlined here for more than 24 hours.  During all of our waking hours yesterday, the temperature had a two degree range: 38 to 40.  In the late evening, it rallied all the way to 43 but has since fallen back to 38-39.  Meanwhile, it's been raining steadily and constantly since yesterday morning about 5 am.  We've picked up maybe a half inch during that time period.  What can we say?  It's cold and wet.  Below is our view of the world from the kitchen window.  Cheery, eh?  Most of yesterday was running hither and yon on various errands.  Just for grins and gustatory pleasure, we decided to do a lot of field research into olive oil.  It's a long story we will tell later.  We talked to Gary on his new HAM radio antenna via Echo Link from up here.
Susun went to Joanie's with Karen to watch DWTS.  Susun also officially rejoined the athletic club.  Real pot boiler day, huh?  Have a great day today & Cheers!  jp


The Goatherder said...

Looks like every morning, 9 months of the year in Western Washington. ugh....your lawn will be happy though.

Marti Spudboater said...

I'm with GH. Looks like Seattle, which is why I don't live there (Seattle, not I Falls). But that fish looks happy on the chain. And the good news is it's going to be 80 by Friday in Boise. And the leaking roof is fixed, maybe. We'll know when it rains again. You need to go to the cook shack and make some hearty grub, Johnny.