Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Deja Vu for Deano

This blog is entitled "The Daily News."  Sometimes news relating to one of our Dear Friends & Loyal Blog Readers far surpasses any of our own mundane meanderings.  So it was yesterday when we received the Big News from Deano B. over in neighboring Oregon.  Rather than try to summarize his email, we asked for permission to print it verbatim.  Here 'tis:

"Well it looks like I'm a river guide once again... A while back I found a Craig's list add and I jumped right into a big old hoop, got all mixed up with a 15 page application (nuts), 45 min phone interview and wham I just got off my river trip interview, a 4 day rain, sun, sun, rain river trip where the owner (Peter Grubb) gave me a hug as I dropped him off at the airport.

So its  "ROW Adventures" out of good old I-Dee-ho. good god they have rivers all over the place, Middlefork of the Salmon ta boot. Its a ruff life as its a lodge to lodge 3 day trip, no sleeping bag, tent, kitchen, pooper, just lawn chairs, lunch and wine (some beer) and their clothes. good god this mite just ruin me,ha ha ha ha. the trips start at the end of the month, then June, July, August and a few camping trips in September. looks like I go up for some 3 day interpretation training in a few weeks at the  "River Dance Lodge." What a trip... Welcome back to home sweet home, lots of love, Deano."

Congratulations to Deano!  He and his Loved One, Lora, together probably crewed well over 100 Middle Fork trips "back in the day" and who knows how many Grand Canyon trips.  They are Old School river guides and Deano will be a real mentor for all the young pups coming up in that free flowing game.  We look forward to row-by-row reports on his exploits. Hey, Deano, maybe you need a blog, eh?  Contact Blogs R Us for help.

We went back to the drawing boards yesterday morning and decided to reach out once again to Sawtell Peak.  Even though the wind was gusting into the mid to high 40's, we went out onto the flanks of Iona Hill and actually reached Sawtell at a distance of 73 miles.  You can read all about the nitty gritty on our HAM blog by clicking here

The rest of the day was various errands.  We found a place to buy lawn fertilizer right from the source.  It comes in a plain, totally unmarked white sack and is thrown into the back of your truck by a burly bubba for a mere twenty bucks for fifty pounds.  The blend of ingredients is perfect for Idaho Falls.  Now that the wind is laying down, it's time to get serious about rejuvenating our lawn.

After running errands hither and yon, we went off and bought yet another netbook from Wally World.  We've lost count on how many of these things we've owned.  This one was the least expensive, by far, at a mere $198, plus tax.  It's a nice blue model with the usual power and storage for the little things.  It's going to be our answer to e-readers and tablet computers.  E-readers are cool but they don't process photos, allow blog updating, enable seamless email and their keyboards aren't much bigger than a cell phone's.  Numerous e-readers are at or above the $200 price point.  Since we can download BOTH Kindle and Nook for PC, why should we buy either one of them?  At least that's our current thinking.  If the netbook is remotely close to being fairly competent at our normal daily tasks, we will keep it and make it our GOTO traveling rig, as well as a casual e-reader here about the house.  Netbooks are a whole lot easier to lug into a WIFI hot spot than the Big Ol' laptops.

Susun had a Girls Night last evening.  Several of her friends came to the bungalow to squeeze into our tiny office to watch and hoot at DWTS.  For you uninitiated, DWTS means "Dancing With The Stars."  The series is a real hit with those of the female persuasion. Anyway, that meant I had to get outta Dodge so I left about 6 pm and enjoyed half a Subway sandwich for dinner.  Then it was off to Barnes & Noble for Tuesday Night Chess.  I've been missing out on this weekly ritual since early last summer.  I banished myself from Chess last summer after I tried to checkmate some guy's QUEEN.  That was so embarrassing that I dared not show my face there until my exile had been properly completed.  By last night, everyone had presuably forgotten about the FQCI (Famous Queen Checkmate Incident) and I was able to resume play with some new faces who knew nothing about the FQCI.  Naturally, I got my anatomy kicked again and again until I actually won a game from a pretty good player.  Considering I hadn't played chess since last June, I felt pretty good about my performance last night.

Well, Barnes & Noble now closes at 9 pm instead of 10.  I guess that's a concession to the recession.  That meant I had to find ways to chill until after 10 pm so the girls could wrap up their Tuesday party.
(Astute readers will question how the party could be centered around DWTS since the series runs on Monday.  Susun taped it and nobody minded one iota that it was a day late but not a dance short.)

Well, that's all the news we can think of this morning.  Have a great day and Many Cheers!  jp

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Marti Spudboater said...

I don't think I know your friend Deano, but I used to guide for ROW,too. I guest guided women's only trips on the Middle Fork Salmon and was one of their guide's on the Lochsa and Moyie in North Idaho. Yes, if Deano is our age he'll be one of the older guides on the river these days. There's hardly anyone left and it's passed to the next generation. My guess is Peter was looking for guides he can license quickly and who are old school and know the runs at high water, cause there is going to be plenty this year early season.