Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blustery Tuesday

Idaho's where winter and spring always get into an argument.  Spring will get up on top of the tussle but then winter wrassles its way back on top and they roll around like two kids fighting in the dust of a playground.  Back and forth it goes while us paying spectators roll our eyes and shake our heads and mutter, "when will they ever stop fighting?"  Today, spring has taken a slight set back as a medium stiff wind sweeps across the Snake River Plain.  It rained a little while earlier.  We guess that's a good sign, at least it didn't snow again.
Sometime between now and July 4th, we will know the winner of this annual game and our bets are on warmer weather, at least within a couple of months.  By the way, it's mostly in the 90's down in the low Arizona deserts.  We'd take this cold weather over the 90's any day.

Yesterday went pretty much according to plan.  We spent the morning doing Type A stuff with our Yagi antenna.  We went out and tested the antenna on 122 and 80 mile distant repeaters.  No luck.  You can read about our failures here.  Undaunted, we shall proceed on again today.

We studied up on lawn fertilizers and various lawn-related stuff.  Exciting, huh?  Susun had a fine lunch with Kris and continues to enjoy her new found love of texting.

The Parks & Recreation meeting was pretty routine.  I didn't utter a word, just listened.  Several people came up and welcomed me back after the meeting.  That felt good.  About the only other productive thing we did yesterday was buy our invasive species sticker for the boat.  If you wait until close to Memorial Day, all the vendors will be out of stickers.  We learned this the hard way last year.

Today's another pretty normal, routine day.  Susun took off early to meet with Dina to go to Delbert's and talk about Hilda Garden Stuff.  Even though the flower planting there is weeks away, they must always pre-plan with Delbert LONG beforehand to make sure they have their flowers reserved and will be in the city's good graces yet once again.

Welll, ya'll have a great ol' day and Many Cheers!  jp


The Goatherder said...

34 this morning and 85 this afternoon. Ice in the chicken water a.m. and bees divebombing me while I milk this afternoon. A 51 degree range. Holy cow, the tomatoes don't know what to do!
Come on summer!

stasea said...

Stasea was here and is now all caught up!!