Thursday, May 5, 2011


Susun volunteered at the Habitat for Humanity "Restore" yeswterday from 10-2.  That's going to be a regular weekly gig unless we are out of town.  She really enjoys it and next week we will take her photo in action.

The better part of my morning was spent with my old employer--EICAP in their temporary new building over by the airport.  We spent 90 minutes there visiting with our friends and also planing Debby's retirement party.  The A Team Ladies were there and they agreed to help me with the party planning for Debby's May 20 departure.  We will be visiting EICAP frequently during the next two weeks to get ready for Debby's party.

After Susun returned from The Restore, we went off and played our first round of golf on the kiddie course this year.  It's hard to be so much fun for a mere $6.50 for two people.  Susun wasn't paying attention to her score she was just out on a lark.  Here's what I noticed about her game.  Last year, she'd get on the green in two strokes and then takes 4-5 putts to put the ball in the hole.  This year, those roles are reverse.  She two putted every green and we won't say how many strokes it took here to get on the green but you get the picture.  I scored a 26 for the six hole short course.  That's about my average for last year.  It was fun.

Upon our return home, we scurried about getting ready to go to Rachel's Place for a Cinco De Mayo party.  She went all out for this event and it was great!  We will create a separate blog post later today with photos and more detail.  We're a tad pressed for time this morning.

I left the party about 7 pm and headed over to the EITC campus, arriving on time for the May meeting of the Eagle Rock Amateur Radio Club (ERARC).  It was the most fun meeting I've attended in a long time and I didn't get home until 10 pm.  I learned all sorts of neat stuff, some of which I really needed to know.  You can read about it on the HAM blog by clicking here.

This morning Susun took off early to go to the Apple Athletic Club.  We've been encouraging her to rejoin.  She enjoys her best results when working out in some of the many classes Apple offers. She loves the club environment--it really is a first class operation. You can click here to check it out.  Susun's been concerned about the weight she gained this winter.  We're sure she will shed those pounds in a New York minute after she gets back in her work out routine.

Today's a day we're going to attempt to tackle some overdue yard work.  If you dilly dally here, a lawn can get way ahead of you and that's what's happening even as we type these words.  Green grass don't wait for nobody.  When it comes time for that surge of sudden spring growth, that grass comes on stronger than Jumpin' Jack Flash.

Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

PS--Looks like we might have the warmest day of the year here so far--a temp of 66 is predicted.

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