Monday, April 18, 2011

The Wild West lives on

There was some excitement in our neighborhood this morning.  I was out logging my hours spraying pre-emergent.  I could see some hub-bub going on across the wash.  Something seemed odd about the activity.  Susun called Robin to find out "whazzup."  By and by, Gary and Robin came over and gave us a report.  A construction grew showed up on Bentley to begin to excavate for a new water line.  A neighbor who shall remain un-named allegedly came out of their house and threatened the crew with a shotgun.  The individual allegedly claimed they were digging inside his property line.  Well, naturally, a shotgun threat engendered a call to 911.  Meanwhile, as we were hearing this initial report, we also heard sirens screaming and getting closer.  While I continued my spraying, Gary and Robin went back across the wash.  Gary said he saw three deputies with automatic rifles at their shoulders walking toward the suspect while another deputy with a drawn pistol backed them up from a different direction. The individual who allegedly made the threat was talking on his cell phone.  One deputy told the individual to put down the phone.  Apparently, the individual didn't comply with the order.  That's when one deputy knocked the individual to the ground and then all three deputies jumped on top of the individual and applied hand cuffs.  We do not know what happened after this point.  We do know that at least one sheriff's vehicle was visible for about another hour.  We haven't had any followup reports.  Maybe something will show up on the public record and then get printed in one of our local newspapers.  If the allegations of the individual's conduct are proven to be true, one would surmise the individual would be subject to a variety of actions on the part of the criminal justice system.  It's a good thing the individual put the alleged shotgun inside before the law enforcement officers (LEOs) arrived.  LEOs have just about zero tolerance for armed individuals acting in a threatening manner.  Well, it wasn't exactly the OK Corral here near 2nd Chance Ranch but it was definitely something a little bit out of the ordinary. 

Meanwhile, we got in a good three hours of spraying before the winds picked up to a pretty stout level. It's pointless spraying in the wind so we quit.  We accomplished most of our objectives and that's all the spraying we're gonna do this season.  We're both glad our spray episodes are history until next season.

Have a great day and Many Cheers!  jp

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Marti Spudboater said...

I don't suppose your villain against well drilling is who I should be attempting to purchase a couple of lots from, would it? No names to protect the innocent until proven guilty, as they say.