Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All cooped up

Contrary to what you might be thinking, this is NOT a playhouse for Grand Sons Gage (left) and Van.  Nope, it's a Rancho Delux chicken coop.  The kids only THINK it's their playhouse right now.  Peter has parts of three days invested in building this Taj Mahal coop.  It should be finished just in time for the upcoming Easter weekend.  The Family already has purchased some chicks and the birds will soon be moved into the stylish roost.  The Urban Chicken Movement continues to grow.  Maybe soon it would be good for Spudboater to blog something about her Boise chickens.  Goatherder has almost two dozen chickens but I don't know if you can cal them "urban chickens."  They are Cornville fowl.

We put up a post last night about early mammoth hunters.  We took it down this morning because we realized the photo was copyrighted.  If we get permission to use the picture, we will put it back up.  The gist of the post was simply that federal scientists believe the water flowing out of Montezuma Well (and across our property) fell as rain or snow at least 10,000 years ago on the Old Mogollon Rim that we can see from our campfire area.  Sooo...now when we look at that water, our imagination can visualize early hunters who visited the Verde Valley seeking what few giant mammoths remained here after the Ice Age.

Today's the last of my Tuesday Target Shoots until next November.  I will surely miss those weekly episodes.
Today's also just a regular go-go day getting more stuff crossed off Ye Ol' Checklists.  Checklists are a lot like weeds.  Just when you think you've pulled all your weeds, another new crop of them pop up.  So it is with lists.  When everything gets crossed one list, poof, like magic along comes 30 more things to do.  It's never ending.

Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

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