Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weeds' revenge

The Revenge of The Weeds is upon me this morning.  I can barely walk.  Wot hoppened?  Well, it's about those rubber boots.  I was able to get the left one off with only a moderate struggle.  The right boot was a whole different story.  It was danged near impossible to get off.  Susun and I struggled and struggled to get it off.  It was a real protracted boot battle.  Well, in the process of getting the boot off, I tore or severely strained/sprained a large muscle in my right leg.  I am definitely hobbled up today and, it's an acute pain, too.  Ouch.  Well, you have to expect the weeds will exact their revenge somehow, someway.  That's what weeds do.

We had a real nice campfire. Robin and Gary came over.  Gary went up twice in his new-to-him ultralight aircraft.  Hopefully, we will get photos of it posted here soon.  Speaking of photos, we actually DID get a boatload of photos posted from last week's Canoe Challenge.  You can click here for the album. 

Today, we will be returning the canoe and various river flotsam and jetsom gear to Dead Horse Ranch State Park and well as Dex & Jodi's Place.  With any luck at all, one of the local HAM Heads will teach me the ropes of some esoteric thing called ECHO LINK. Not to bore you with all the details but ECHO LINK will allow me to talk to anyone in the world right off this laptop computer--all via HAM radio repeaters.  Strange but true.

We're heading over to Chip N. and Kathy D.'s Place this afternoon.  They are having an All Fool's Party today.  They want us to be their surrogate "greeters" during the early afternoon while they themselves host some adventures such as a river trip, a hike to a little known ancient native ruin and so forth.  We're taking the Skamper so we won't have to worry about driving home in the dangerous dark of a Saturday new moon night.

We've altered our travel plans yet again.  We will be going up to Susan Kliewer's Place at Marble Canyon when we leave here.  We'll stay there through Easter Sunday and then head north to Idaho.  It's a long story that we will tell later.  Plans are made to be changed.  Remember?

Not much else to report.  Have a great day and Super Cheers!  jp

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