Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Red Neck

Call it Weed Revenge II.  It's a little like Montezuma's Revenge, only different.  As we recall, it was in the 90's during our Weed Wars Friday.  Well, we received a vicious sunburn on the back of our neck.  It was bright red at the end of the day and actually stung.  Meanwhile, time passed.  Yesterday, the red neck blistered up real good and produced a genuine pain in the neck.  What can we say? We're a card carrying red neck now.

OK, here is the back story on HWWBFT (AKA: Steve J. husband of DF & LBR Maggie J.)  When Maggie originally sent several photos from a recent HWWBFT trip, she stated they couldn't be used on the blog.  I pleaded to use the one you see below.  It took awhile for HWWBFT to decide whether that would be OK.  After much deliberation, he decided it would be OK if no information was included about the location of the photo.  Most fishermen are like morel mushroom hunters--nary a word about the whereabouts of their favorite spots.  After all, loose lips sink ships (and bass boats, too).  And, yes, HWWBFT definitely eats his catch!

A chunk of yesterday was devoted to "Mail Management."  That's different than "Male Management," as most females know.  Over the years, we've learned the hard way that one must take Mail Management very seriously and plan far, far ahead to be successful in the arcane postal game.  Last year, we failed to follow our hard-earned lessons and royally messed up our mail delivery both in Arizona AND Idaho.  So, yesterday was a chess game of sorts in dealing with postal people.  Luckily, the USPS now lets ordinary customers manage their mail online. It's a marvelous system and we highly recommend it in case you need your mail forwarded someplace.  Mail is something most people take for granted.  It gets delivered and that's that.  You'd be quite surprised to learn what kinds of havoc happen with misdelivered or undelivered  mail.  And you'd be shocked to know how bad it can get in case your mail gets stamped "return to sender, address unknown."  That last one can cause all sorts of serious trouble.

Today is my second-to-last Tuesday Target Shoot.  The last one will be April 19, the day before we head north.  Hopefully, I can connect with some well organized, safe target range shooting in Idaho Falls.  It's a lot of fun.

There's not much else to report.  We're both packed for our trips.  We have a full agenda today and tomorrow before flying off Thursday.  Today will be our first visit to HRO--Ham Radio Outlet.  Apparently, it's like a Harbor Freight for Ham Heads.  Oughta be interesting.

Gotta run along, the day is about to dawn.  Cheers, jp

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