Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wednesday in Mesa

We had a fine rig and trip south yesterday:  No near-terror on the various hill; Blissfully light traffic in the metroplex--an easy going day.  The Target shooting was the most fun yet of any of the event we attended.  We showed up at Roger and Nancy at 5 pm and enjoyed a wonderful leisure evening.  

Nancy sold us a thermal hat and we're excited about it.  You soak it in water for a couple of minutes and then squeeze it dry.  It keeps your head cool for a really long time.  Being a natural born hot head, I NEED a hat like this.  Nancy has a little business selling various cooling products.  We've heard it gets hot here in Mesa in the summer so we suppose people need that sort of stuff.  The thermal hat is going to be perfect for river runners and people like the Goatherder who spend way too much time out under the sun's freckle-friendly rays.  (Photo(s) coming soon.)

Our first trip to Ham Radio Outlet was uneventful.  We spent nary a dime.  The store was a lot smaller than we anticipated and most everything there was priced far out of reach and reason.  We saw one radio that was priced at $6000. (Not a typo.)  Garden variety widgets were in the $100-200 price range.  It's obvious that the pricing of HAM radio stuff makes river running gear look positively CHEAP!  We did find a big honking car antenna that might look real macho on SuziQ.  Trouble is that it would probably hit the bottom of interstate underpasses--geezch, the thing is TALL!  Speaking of HAM, you can keep track of our HAM over on our ham blog.  Click here to go there.

What's on tap for today?  We're thinking out loud there once again.  OK, hum...gotta find a new digital camera.  The old gas-soaked Samsung finally died yesterday.  It ran out of its nine lives.  So, that means a trip to Sam's so we can get the 90-day return policy.  OK, there's at least one trip to Harbor Freight in the cards, too--gotta buy a beefy air compressor to carry in SuziQ.  Then we're roaming scrap yards looking for aluminum rods, maybe hitting a bucket of balls at Dobson Ranch, checking out a vintage radio Shack HTX-202 hand held HAM radio at 2 pm, and maybe we're gonna try to find a Babies R Us store so Susun can buy some trinkets for the grand kids.  Um...oh, yeah, and we gotta print out boarding passes here right quick, too.  Heck, that's not too onerous a schedule today.

We're not sure if we will be able to post up to this blog while we are back in Indiana.  I don't know if Mom has internet any more.  I don't think she does.  We may be in for a long blog break between Thursday and next Tuesday.  We shall see.  We've been thinking to remember the last time we were "back home in Indiana," as the song goes.  Methinks it's been at least two years, maybe three--we can't really recall.  Mom says the spring flowers are all abloom.   Looks like it will be showery but with near perfect temps back there. Susun's trip to San Diego will be on the cool and moist side.

Well, that's about it for this morning's edition of The Daily News.  Have a great day & Cheers!  jp

PS--Goatherder's comment below this blog post refers to the small graphic up at the top.  It's a new sticker that the Zuk Heads came up with for the June 11th Zukapalooza to be held at Dead Horse Ranch State Park.


The Goatherder said...

Is it still on Labor Day weekend?
"Plans are made to be changed..."

Marti Spudboater said...

Regarding Indiana. Shoot, even if your mom doesn't have internet all you need to do is drop into Mc Donalds for a coffee or visit the public library and you can post to your hearts content. Mickey D's has wi-fi most everywhere these days. I'm sure Indiana has stepped into the 20th Century at least.