Monday, April 4, 2011

The Fish Guy

There is a Place.  Yea, verily.  There is a Person for This Place.  It is He Who Was Born To Fish (HWWBTF).  When you see HWWBTF he will look like this.  He will be in some obscure place no one knows.  He will have spent days getting there and days getting back from there.  But the bottom line is this: It is what HWWBTF does--he catches fish when no one else can.  And he catches VERY BIG fish.  That is the key that separates HWWBTF from all other so-called fishermen.  We will leave the interpretation of this blog post to your imagination.  It's not been Photoshopped.  I promise.  The bottom line is this:  HWWBTF knows how to catch fish.

Ain't that a skill we all wish we had?

Cheers! jp

PS:  Maggie said it should be noted that HWWBFT had help from his son, Chris, during this latest outing.  Maggie says HWWBFT started fishing when he was 4 years old, maybe younger.


Marti Spudboater said...

I'm one of those fisherpersons who believes in eating what you catch. I have no use for fly fishing actually. Playing a fish on a barbless hook may be honorable, but if you are fishing and you aren't fishing to eat, what the hell is the point? I mean, that's like shooting an animal "harmlessly" with the concept that you can hunt without harm. I don't think so. I believe fish feel pain, too. I know this will stir the pot with my fly fishing friends, but that' is just the way I feel. so I hope the guy with the creel count ate all those fish, or will. And awesome catch.

John Parsons said...

HWWBFT definitly eats fish!

The Goatherder said...

I'm purty sure, by the look of them feesh, and the cliffs behind, I know where he's feeshin'. But I ain't a'sayin nary a word.

I like to eat my catch too, but am not above a little catch and release when the limit's released.