Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Monday was an interesting day.  Susun took off to help Chuck in Sedona with some housekeeping chores.  Chuck is 89 years young and still sharp as a tack but he needs help on various things that you'd expect with an 89-year-old.  I went to the first hour of the NRCD meeting.  Frankly, I'm getting to the point in life where my tolerance for meetings is declining at a precipitous rate.

We learned yesterday morning that the reopening dedication ceremony for Homolovi State Park will take place this Friday.  That threw a wrench in our weekly planning and continues to be the wild card today as well.  Meanwhile, I have major egg on my face because I didn't pre-register The Spudboater for the kayak race March 26th.  Registration is now closed so I sulked around in abject guilt all day.

After coming home early from the NRCD meeting I decided to goof off so I headed over to Myron's Place to "talk Zuks."  Myron wasn't there but Randy took about 45 minutes to chat with me about "all things Samurai."  It was quite fun.  Then I went to Cottonwood and bought a new fuel pump and the various tools necessary to change it.   After that, I went to our local wrecking yard and pulled two front seats out of a dead Dodge Neon.  Then I spent the remainder of the afternoon scratching my head while trying to figger out how to swap out the Neon seats for the stock Zuk seats.  I gave up and will return the Neon seats.  Sometimes success remain elusive in this Samurai game.

However, at least we got to spend some quality time in a good, old-fashioned junk yard.  My Dad taught me the love of junkyards long ago in the early 1950's.  Navigating a junkyard is kind of like walking through an art gallery, only different.  Our local junk yard is a real throwback.  I know the owner well and knew his Dad well so we go way back.  He even let me take the seats without paying for them yesterday.  THANKS, Gerald!

Susun brought home a goodie from Chuck--a 7-inch digital TFT 12-volt TV!  Yep, a real TV that pulls down a decent picture of local signal with just the funky little antenna it has.  It will now be our onboard TV for the Skamper.  Spiffy little thing!  THANKS, Chuck!

Meanwhile, Susun used Gary's citrus press to process the boatload of fruit we've received when visiting Phoenix and Mesa.  I enjoyed a solo campfire and spent the remainder of the evening studying Japan's nuclear woes.

Today, we're off to the Tuesday Target Shoot and then we're planning to tackle our long list of nit-picky tasks left for the Skamper and SuziQ.  One of these days, we will finally scratch everything off that list.

Well, time to amp up my ambulations here.  Have a great day and Cheers!  jp

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