Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday Brunch at Marsha's Place

Although we did a zip trip down and back to Surprise Sunday, the Real Surprise of the day was Sunday Brunch at Marsha's Place in Clarkdale.  Marsha invited us a week ago but we both forgot.  Luckily, she called to remind us.  We, in turn, called the Zuki Head and moved our arrival back.  Meanwhile, as usual, Marsha rolled out her Sunday Brunch best red carpet.  It was a perfect morning.  Above (l-r) Kristen, Susun, Phyllis and Marsha brighten the morning.
Marsha wears many hats well, as they say.  She loves cooking outdoors and Sunday Brunch is one of her trademark specialties. She goes all out--the full monte.  She even bought fresh roasted green chiles from Food City!  We're talking organic cheese, fresh mushrooms, real eggs, the whole nine yards.
Not to mention fresh ground coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice served with class and style on her sunny deck.
Ah, what a colorful and delicious repast.
Yea, verily, even Rex was pleased!
Marsha's been telling us about her "chess project."  She finally dredged up two photos yesterday morning and sent them to us.  Marsha has been an art teacher at a local private school for a long time.  This life size chess project is really popular, except no one wants to be the pawns.  Marsha says next year they are going to give the pawns small swords so it should be an easier "sell" to be a pawn.  Marsha sewed the custom chess board quilt herself.  Way to go and MANY THANKS, Marsha!

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