Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Party Fairy

The Party Fairy worked her magic on our gathering yesterday and another nice event took place at 2nd Chance Ranch.  Far fewer friends attended this party compared to Game Day on February 6th.  Thanks to Bonnie, Bob B., Goatherder, Kate, Lin, Robin, Gary, Bob R., Marsha, Rosa, Spudboater, and The Party Fairy for making it such a special event!


The Goatherder said...

Such a great afternoon. Thanks to the Party Fairy and her sidekick, or is that her Samurai, for making it happen. Congrats to the Spudboater for kicking butt in Gary's antique boat! Thanks to Gary for being anal enough to keep that glassyak around for it's re-debut! and most of all, thanks to Robin for her absolutely, unbelievably, orgasmically awesome foccacia. I could have eaten it ALL and bought the farm a happy man.

The Goatherder said...

Meant to add, I presume that bread is GLUTEN free, right???

stasea said...

Great getup Mom!!! Jabrielle and chandra would be proud!! And now I know where I get it from. I love you!! Your smile is amazing. You should put that on Facebook!!