Monday, March 28, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Spudboater and Susun drove over to hike in Red Rock Country yesterday but not until we engaged in a little outdoor recreation--cooking bacon outside on the Coleman 413D.  Ah, Sunday bliss is a BLT for breakfast with a side of scrambled eggs.  While S&S enjoyed their sojourne, I mostly milled around trying to avoid anything resembling work.  I spent quite a bit of time practicing darts and even going so far as to study dart grips, stance and throwing motions on the internet.  Meanwhile, Gary called and said he finally scored the radio we had both been waiting so long for.  As soon as I heard the good news, I downloaded the manual and the learning curve began.  There's a long post about it on our HAM blog.  Click here to go there.

After S&S returned, we all went over to Robin and Gary's for a tour de rancho.  R&G are doing some pretty awesome things there on their little homestead.  The day basically flitted away and campfire time rolled around quickly.  We cut up a pile of mesquite and had a great fire.  We threw on a dutchy full of Idaho potatoes for breakfast this morning.  Gary, Susun and I listened to some pretty entertaining stories from Spudboater and some of them had us LOL-ing in a major way.  Hey, did you know LOL is now an official word recognize by the poo-bahs at Oxford Dictionary?  True.

Well, spring is coming on strong now--we hear it's going to try to push 90 by the end of the week.  Geeze, Louise, 90?  What hath global warming wrought?

Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

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