Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Travel Tuesday

Time to head south once again to pick up Miss Susun from Sky Harbor.  Her flight comes in at 2:30 pm.  I'll be meeting with her brother in Mesa about 1:30 so I guess that means I have to skeedaddle out of here no later than 11:30.  (Thinking out loud again here at the keyboard.)  That gives us plenty of time for morning chores, housekeeping and goof-off time online.

We haven't done much of anything in the last couple of days.  The bulk of Sunday and Monday were taken up with the security portion of the door project.  It's coming along nicely.  The NRCD meeting yesterday lasted almost 3 hours.  I left after 2.5 hours.  Due to an agenda snag, no action was possible on the "Advisor idea."  We moved the blog post about it over to the companion website.  Ironically, if this idea proceeds, it really WILL be ten years nearly to the day at next month's meeting.  Strange, indeed.

Yesterday morning before sunrise there were three deer in front of the house.  Two does and a 2010 fawn.  By this time of year, a fawn born last spring look pretty large but you can tell they are fawns because they are smaller than Mom Bambi and still keep real close to the Mother Ship.  It was fun to see deer here once again.

Lizard came over the last couple of nights to enjoy the warmth of the campfire. He's always such a welcome sight appearing out of the shadows from deep in our arroyo.  There's obviously not much to talk about.  However, we all know things will liven up considerably when Miss Susun returns to 2CR (Second Chance Ranch).

Cheers, jp

PS--Thanks for your great comment, Spudboater.  I had no idea you spent 10 yrs. w/the NRCS. Small world, eh?

PS #2--Forgot to mention--it's been up to 74 here two days in a row.  Phoenix hit 82 yesterday, shattering a 1938 record by four degrees.

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