Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Doors

NO!  Not THOSE Doors!  These doors.

Our door project is complicated by numerous factors.  As you recall, the vandals broke out the old door--totally obliterated it to smithereens and broke the frame for good measure, too.  It long ago went bye-bye to the landfill.  To be safe, we added several layers of sheathing to fit into the old door opening.  Believe it or not, there's three layers!  We figured if someone wanted to use a battering ram to get in they'd still have a big problem getting through all three layers.

We've purchased a nice pre-hung door.  It's been delivered and is sitting at the Rimrock Merc waiting for us to pick it up.  The catch here is that we can't even begin on fitting the new door into the old door frame until we have some sort of a security door in place.  The easiest thing would have been to buy a metal security door.  The trouble with them is they don't fold all the way back and also they cut way down on the winter sunlight that gets through the glass door inside.  So, that option was a no-no from the start.  The only practical soution was to fabricate a red-neck security door out of OSB sheathing.  What you see here is V.1.1.2 (in geek lingo).  In ordinary language that translates to "first draft."  I'm very satisfied with the way the hinges are mounted and how their backing board will be secured.  I'm not so satisfied with the way the sheathing fits.  Plus, I messed up with the circular saw and dropped a line and, well, you know how those things bother a Type A Dude.  So, it's back to Home Depot tomorrow to get another 4x8 piece ripped into the right two pieces.  Then we will start the tedious fitting process all over again.  I used to say it was Deja Vu.  Roger taught me it's probably Vuja De!  Where's The Ground Hog?   
Have a great evening & Cheers, jp

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Marti Spudboater said...

Johnny: you are always full of surprises. I didn't realize what your retired from ultimately was the Verde NRCD. Having myself spent 10 years with the Soil Conservation Service myself, it was nice to know you know as much about agriculture and hopefully soon about viticulture (aside from drinking the good juicy).I'm not a religious sort in a conventional way as you well know, but I'm a certain the wine was put on earth by a very wise spiritual being somewhere out in the universe. What a perfect thing for you to jump into head first.