Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This Just In From Kauai, Hawaii

Not all of us (maybe not NONE of us) can be in Hawaii tonight.  But Daughter Stasea lives on Kauai and she sent this photo tonight.  It doesn't matter where you are--this photo will bring a smile to Your Place tonight.  Thanks, Stasea for sending this.  It is much appreciated.  Just an FYI---That's a Banana Plant she's holding.

PS--Speaking of The Banana Belt, it was above 60 degrees here from noon to 7 pm!

1 comment:

stasea said...

It was just funny to me, Mom asked me what
I was doing... I said, walking across the parking
Lot carrying the top of a fake banana tree!!! Ha
Then I asked some people who were getting
Out of their car if they would take a picture.
They laughed too!