Friday, December 31, 2010


Once upon a time, we engaged in the annual tradition of making New Year's Resolutions.  Didn't we all?  Now such resolutions have long since been relegated to the deepest recesses of the dustbin of history.  Resolutions R Not Us.

With that disclaimer done, however, we'd like to think out loud about stuff we'd like to do in the upcoming Year 2011.  These aren't resolutions, mind you, they are just things we hope happen.  Here's The Top Ten:

1) Visit more often w/Family & Dear Friends.  Keep in better touch, make more phone calls & FTF visits.
2) Organize more "get togethers" with our Dear Friends. (Eat @ Diablo Burger!)
3) Build an earth oven at The Straw House. Cook and bake more outdoors in Idaho & Arizona.
4) Spend more time in boats of all types.  Float The Snake often.  Spend more time on the Salmon between Challis & Corn Creek.
5) Explore more Idaho backroads, especially in the Beaverhead & Lemhi Ranges.  Put lots of back country miles on the Zuki.
6) Do more spur-of-the-moment camping in the new pop-top rig. Downsize tent camping rig.
7) Do more oral history interviews with Dear Friends & Family.
8) Play more cribbage & chess
9) Improve our golf game
10) Get better at darts, extreme croquet, horseshoes and hand grenades. (HA! Just kidding.)

How 'bout you?  Leave a comment, share your thoughts about the New Year.  Whazzup in 2011?


Wayne Ranney said...

I'd have to say that my hopes for 2011 start out exactly like yours - more get-togethers, visits, river and camping trips. I like that stuff.

Maggie said...

Don't forget Diablo burger!

Marti Spudboater said...

I second Wayne's comment. We need to do more rivers together, cook more dutch oven dinner while camping, partake in some mutual "dude deal" shopping trips so I can learn from the consumate pro, spend more time with my "sitsta Su" and formulate the ultimate extreme croquet course in Idaho.