Friday, December 31, 2010

Cold Cone Coming down tonight

Here's a photo taken yesterday morning in downtown Flagstaff by The Arizona Daily Sun's Jake Bacon.  (Great name, huh?)  That's the historic Weatherford Hotel sporting its New Year's Eve 70 pound pine cone.  At the stroke of midnight tonight, the cone will drop in Times Square fashion while (presumably) huddled masses of partiers cheer and cavort in the frozen Flagstaff streetscape.  Hum...let's see now...the overnight low up there is supposed to be well below zero.  Doncha wonder just how many brave souls will actually be standing outside to watch the venerable pine cone make its annual descent? gives us the shivers just thinking about it.

Point of clarification--As you will note from the comment below, the Esteemed Cone comes down at 10 PM for anyone born before 1970.  Who thinks of these scheduling things, anyway?  Will that make 40-year-olds feel even older?  Anyway, as Wayne notes, it will only be about -1 about then.  Thanks, Wayne.  Are you & Helen going?

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Wayne Ranney said...

Johnny - The cone also comes down at 10 PM for anyone born before 1970. At that time it should only be -1 outside.