Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year Ago

A year ago today, we arrived back in Idaho Falls after spending nearly 2 months here at The Straw House.  It was a real whirlwind last year.  First, we shared a great Christmas Dinner at The Wheelers on Friday. Then we had two days to pack up and rig to go.  We left Monday morning after tinkering with all of our security stuff here.  We drove into the teeth of a storm north of Beaver, Utah, and somehow made it to Nephi in the night.  We have to layover in Nephi a full day before departing again on New Year's Eve.  I think we pulled into Idaho Falls about this time of day a year ago on the 31st.

Today I went back and re-read the first dozen or so blog posts.  It was very entertaining and for a few LBRs it might also be fun for you to revisit those posts.  While reviewing the blog posts I realized I never put up the photo album of our entertaining stay in Nephi.  So, here it is exactly one year late!
You can click here to see it.  It has 27 photos and they are all captioned.  There are a lot of cool historical photos of Nephi itself.

OK, if you are bored and want to read those early blog posts, here how you do it.  Scroll down the left column until you get to the Blog Archives.  Go click on "January."  That will bring up a list of all the posts of January.  Scroll down that list and click on the first one entitled "Y2Ten Blog Born."
Then simply click "Newer Post" at the bottom of that entry.  That's the easiest way to read the first few posts.  They all sure ring as true today as they did a year ago.  I got a kick out of this snippet from one of the first posts:  "I enjoy writing aimlessly.  I enjoy writing stuff that's focused, too, of course.  But writing about nothing in particular is a fat lot of fun.  It's like taking a mental hike through some pleasant landscapes.  I can go off trail any time I want without the Trail Police giving me a ticket."  You can click here to read the full post from which that quote was lifted.

It's been a fun year writing this blog--we're looking forward to more such fun and games in the year ahead.

Cheers, jp

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