Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spectacular Sunset...(even from 12th Street!)

As the sun goes down we normally get little hints of what might be a "real corker."  However, normally, we can't really see anything, we have to INFER the sunset by the hints in the colors of the last light.  We often debate what those colors mean.  But, whatever, I digress....

Tonight there was absolutely NO DOUBT that it was a Spectacular Sunset.  Even from our lowly vantage point at 12th & Holmes, the evening sky put on what we like to call The Show.  Geeze, it was really wonderful.  We're certain Roger will show us what it really looked like spread out in grandeur across the full sweep of the Snake River Plain.  We can hardly wait.  Susun took the photo.  We will do a separate post for Roger's upcoming shots.

Note added @ 7:38 pm.  Um....well, it didn't quite work out the way we thought it would.  At 6:55 pm, we received a note from Roger that said simply, "We saw it from the Lowe's parking lot ..."  Oops.  Well, hey, at least the thought was there.

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