Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Here's Your Sign"

Think Christmas is still pretty far in the future?  Well, "Here's Your Sign" that it's right around the corner.  Whenever the Infamous Leg Lamp makes its annual appearance, we know it's time to light a pine tree, have a Santa smackdown or perhaps begin noshing nuts, cheese balls, and sugar cookies shaped like fat reindeer.
Anybody say "Turkey?"  Black Friday, here we come!

They pulled the semi-annual switcheroo on us this morning.  I hate it when that happens.  Just when a guy gets used to thinking it's 6 am, all of a sudden it's 5 am.  Talk about scrambling my brains.  Geeze, why can't they stop messing around with the clock twice a year?  Arizona doesn't bother changing time.  That's probably because they think that DST and MST are some sort of chemicals for the cotton crop down there.
Anyway, our bedside atomic clock changed automatically so I thought I was getting up at 5 am and then became totally confused when I stumbled into the office, rubbed my eyes and the clock said six am.  Oh, wel, we will get used to just about the time they do it again next March.

Leave us alone!  Yes, it's us alone that will be going hand-to-hand with the colorful carpet bombs falling from the trees.  We love trees, don't get us wrong.  But trees come with a steep price each year.  And they leave no option.  One MUST dispose of the tree leaves.  Today is our last day of dry weather.  The wind is supposed to pick up this afternoon and that means we will be ready to charge into action just before nightfall.  Depending on how the weather shakes out between now and November 15, this could be our last chance to to put the leaves into their place.

Not much else is going on--we spend a goodly amount of time updating our Twitter account.  We changed its background to something truly spiffy last night.  Maintaining that Twitter is helping us learn a lot of stuff we'd never know otherwise.

Have a great Sunday and Many Cheers!  jp

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