Monday, November 8, 2010

Wannabe Snowflakes

This morning, the water up in the sky is trying to be snowflakes.  They can't quite get their act together so that's why we are calling them "wannabes."  It started raining right on cue in the middle of the night and it's brrrr cold out right now.  Our big maple tree is 99% stripped of its leaves.  Luckily, we captured 99% of the ones that fell and they are bagged and ready to go bye-bye with tomorrow's trash collection.  Meanwhile, of course, our neighbors' leaves are not remotely "under control."  It doesn't matter to us at this point, we're leaving here a week from tomorrow not matter what.

Hey, I gotta tell ya a fun Twitter story.  So, I get up anywhere from 5-6 am and roam El Net each morning.  Lately, I've been looking for high quality Twitter accounts to "follow."  I found a great account from the Northeat Regional Office of the National Park Service.  It's located in the Old Custom House in the historic section of Philadelphia, PA. Whoever is doing their Twitter is doing an outstanding job.  I was mesmerized by the account and spent well over an hour clicking off to various links I found there.  By and by, as time passed, I became ever more intrigued by the "who" of whoever is doing that particular Twitter.  So, I decided to track them down in person (via cell phone).  It took quite awhile but I eventually actually got the real person who does their Twitter on the other end of the line!  Naturally, he was shocked that a real person had somehow found him in his little office in some old building in Philly.  He was cordial and we had a very nice conversation.  It's the first time I have ever tracked down the author of a blog or Twitter.  It was quite fun!

The big truck is mostly packed.  Only a few more things will fit into the back.  We're basically almost ready to go.  There's lot of odds and ends kind of stuff to finish this week but it should be a real smooth departure as we taxi out onto Runway Eye-One-Fiver South and await clearance for take off.

More soon, Cheers, jp

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