Saturday, November 6, 2010

Leaves leaving

The leaves started coming down today.  Finally.  We're gonna have to work two-a-day shifts on the leaves for as long as we can now.  Luckily, we have a reprieve for Sunday--the precip isn't gonna hit until after dark tomorrow.  We're probably gonna log 6 bags today and maybe another 6 tomorrow.  Bear in mind that would at least as many as 48 under the old way of doing leaves--maybe as high as 60 bags!  This Monster Leaf Sucker is sure paying dividends now! 

We're gonna jam down on as many leaves as possible before last light Sunday.  There's no doubt it's gonna get wet Sunday night and Monday.  They're already talking about a "convergence" event which basically says it would snow a lot more than expected if the right stuff converges on the right spot. 

Meanwhile, the NWS people issued a great prognostication from one of their FAVE computer models--the GFS--check this prose:  "BY THURSDAY...GFS IS BRINGING IN MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PRECIPITATION FOR THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST." 

Real encouraging, huh?

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