Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sidekick goes bye-bye

We finally sold our trusty Sidekick.  Yep, it drove away yesterday afternoon in the hands of a Very Happy Woman!  I didn't get her name.  She lives at our local House of Ruth.  Sometimes anonymity is a good thing.
If you don't know about House of Ruth, it's all about breaking the cycle of domestic violence and empowering victims to a brighter future.  The Sidekick's buyer didn't even have a bank account and had to wait a few days before House of Ruth administrators helped her get the money.  Now she's going to have to wait until she gets her driver's license.  She was SO Happy to get the Sidekick--a friend helped her drive it away.  I gave it a fresh oil change before they picked it up.  I wished her well in her future and told her we both felt the Sidekick was destined for her all along.  I've sold a lot of vehicles in my life but I have to say yesterday's sale was a very touching moment.  I hope to see her driving it to a new life as our paths cross here in Idaho Falls.  One thing's certain--that vehicle isn't going to let her down.

We closed out our golf season yesterday when all the golf stuff was pulled out of the Sidekick.  No more smacking little white balls around big stretches of grass.  The clubs and paraphernalia will get stored away for the better part of a year.  There's lot of other stuff on our plate now golf goes to the far back burner.

Susun received news that her Pop Don's health is taking a turn for the worse.  We may have to leave earlier than planned so we've decided to pack everything this weekend.  We will be ready to leave on a moment's notice if need be.  Our prayers are with the Family now.

The onset of our bad weather is coming a day late but not a dollar short tomorrow.  How do you like this snippet from the morning NWS AFD?  "SNOW LEVELS ARE EXPECTED TO DROP DRASTICALLY SUNDAY NIGHT AND EARLY MONDAY AS MUCH COLDER AIR ARRIVES."  We will definitely be waking up to a white lawn Monday morning.

DF & LBR Wayne R. received a national award for one of his signature books, "Sedona Through Time."  Congratulations, Wayne, you sure deserve that award!  Click here to read all about it.

We used the proceeds of the Sidekick sale to pay our full year property taxes here in Idaho Falls.  This is the first place we've ever lived where we actually ENJOY paying property taxes.  They are so low and we get so much in return.  Imagine, our taxes here are much lower than those in Rimrock, Arizona, where we get virtually nothing in return for the expense. (NOTE: That's not a political commentary, just a statement of financial fact.)

Our Twitter continues to entertain us immensely.  When we revived that dormant account, we were following a mere four other Twitter accounts.  Now we follow 208!  Likewise, we had 11 followers a few days ago and now we have 61.  We're learning a lot of fun (and useful) stuff and, as long as it continues to be fun, we will plan to Tweet many times each day.  If you haven't perused our Twitter, we suspect you will find its content quite interesting:

Today's going to be a "work day."  It's all about packing and getting the house ready for extended hibernation.  Time to bear down and "git 'er dun."

Cheers, jp

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