Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Mark of The Joads

Tom Joad and his family are our role models for traveling.  It was a very good day indeed when we attended that wonderful seminar so long ago entitled "Traveling With Class & Style-Tips & Tricks of True Okies," by Tom Joad himself!

What fun would it be to leave home all tidy and looking sharp and spiffy? Nah, that's not The Okie Way.  That's why we really value those lessons we learned from Tom himself.

Tip#1: Display toilet paper prominently in back window.

Friends, this is a major "Mark of The Joads."  No self-respecting Joad Wannabe would EVER leave home with the toilet paper stuffed where the sun don't shine.  That just ain't The Okie Way.  Save your toilet paper to pack LAST, right smack dab in the back window.  One glance says it all and "Here's Your Sign," as they say.

Tip #2: Tie something worthless on top of the rig

Friends, this is a priceless tip.  First, you don't want no expensive Thule top carrier.  Nope, only old, beat up two by fours will do.  Second, the item has to be worthless.  In this case, it's the famous five dollar bicycle of frozen seat post fame.  If ever there was a suitable worthless item to earn the coveted Mark of The Joads, this puppy wins the honors hands down!

Tip #3:  Drive real slow and tie up traffic.

Don't worry, Tom, we got that tip DOWN!

Friends, if you ever want to Travel with Class & Style The Okie Way, let us know.  We've been certified and franchised by Tom Joad himself to put on his famous seminar. 

Happy Trails!


Maggie said...

you really know how to travel in style -- and the Four Seasons, no less. That's no way for retired folks to live! BTW - just saw your tweet from Cameron posted one hour ago. I stood on the side of the road waiting for you to drive by, but must have missed you:) See y'all real soon, y'hear?

The Goatherder said...

The Joads woulda thought they'd done died and gone to heaven if they had your rig. I can imagine seeing your placement of the TP in ceremonial fashion. Can't find your cell phone? Big deal... Can't find the TP?....BIG problem.