Thursday, November 18, 2010

Motel Coffee

As any coffee drinker who travels well knows, the quality and quantity of motel coffee varies widely and sometimes wickedly.  Often, our choice has been between motel coffee and the even more dubious gas station coffee.  Neither prospect holds any allure and both can sometimes be outright hazardous to our health.

What to do?  Luckily our incessant roaming of the Ten-Cent Stores helped us finally conquer this challenge.  The photo pretty much tells the story.  We scored the two-cup coffee maker for $4 at the Youth Ranch and got the brand new grinder for a buck at Bonneville Humane Society.  This puppy is perfect.  We can grind our own beans and brew each cup to our own specs.  Susun prefers hers stronger than mine.  No problem now.  It's a match made in coffee drinkers' heaven.  It also happens to be the fastest electric coffee maker we've ever used.  That's a "good thing," as Martha Stewart would say.

We have put a lot of other new wrinkles into our Motel Rig but the coffee thing is the most important.

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