Friday, November 19, 2010

Safe @ Home

Sure is great to be here.  The photo above is a 7 am shot of the pre-sunrise over the Mogollon Rim.  Everything was in tip-top condition upon our arrival.  Our chemical spraying in April kept all the important areas completely weed free--a first in the history of this place.  The front of the house, the parking area and the all-important path to the fire ring were in perfect condition. The house was in fine shape.  Our glue traps didn't even catch any insects all summer. There was nary a speck of anything out of place.  The house smelled great and felt clean and neat as a pin.  Within less than 30 minutes, we had the electrical system up and running and a tank full of water pumped.  The trash people had delivered the garbage container and our first newspaper was lying in the parking area.  Get this, even Qwest delivered, too.  We simply turned on the laptop and, POOF--connected.  No codes to enter, no haggling with Tech Support.  Nothing. We were delighted to see water running across our land, too.We were well situated less than 3 hours after our arrival.   We even got our sign tacked back up. Naturally, one of the first orders of evening business was our first of many camp fires.  The fire was up and running about 4:45 and the sun set at 5:10 pm.  Watching the sunlight fade on Montezuma Well National Monument is one of our great pleasures here. Luckily, here in Ol' Airy Zonie, there's  also such a thing as"after light."  In Idaho, when the sun goes down this time of year it gets pitch black dark seemingly within minutes.  That's not the case here as the light lingers on The Mogollon Rim for at least an hour before genuine darkness settles in.  The waxing moon helped create a wonderful glow as we enjoyed our fire last night.


Maggie said...

That whole post makes me smile. Glad you are back.

The Goatherder said...

What an easy slide in to last year to pieces. Can't wait to see you two.