Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We're wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving a day early this year.  We will be leaving maybe as early as 6 am to head down to Mesa tomorrow morning.  There won't be time to write a blog post tomorrow morning.  Hence, here you have it: May Your Thanksgiving be filled with joy, love, happiness, fine family, friends and, of course, mountains of food.

The weather's pretty harsh up north but not as bad as they feared.  Idaho Falls is in single digits well above zero,  a far cry from the -12 previously predicted.  Several locations did reach -25 and there are a lot of -16 readings scattered all around Eastern Idaho.  A good indicator of any given storm's snow yield are the numbers posted by the Grand Targhee ski resort.  Yesterday's yield was 10 inches and the three day total is two feet.  They have a 51 inch base and have received 112 inches so far this "snow year." 

Weed whacking went well yesterday.  So swell, in fact, that we have no mo weeds to whack!  Today, we're going to wrap up the yard work by trimming the new growth off all the mesquites.  If time permits, we'll stack and stow the campfire wood.  Once that's all done, we really don't have any more chores outside.  After returning from Mesa, we plan to actually go play and enjoy ourselves here.  Lot of day hiking beckons in Sedona's Red Rock Country.

We enjoyed a great solo visit from The Goatherder yesterday. What fun!

Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

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