Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Idaho WX

"WX" is an abbreviation for the word "weather."  It's widely used by geeky, wonky people who follow weather stuff.  We are one who uses "WX" freely.

Well, here's the latest WX for Idaho.  It's now five below in Stanley and the temp is dropping like a rock in freefall.  Windchills in numerous places are progged for 30 below tonight.  In fact, the Idaho Falls temps in "only" +14 but the windchill is -3 because the wind is gusting to 32 mph right now.  Chances are that the theoretical "minus three" is a very conservative estimate of what it feels like to be outside at this time.

Houn' Dawg gave us an epic report of the day.  It sounds like a Snow/Wind Armageddon happening up there right now.  Nobody we've communicated with up there can recall anything like this happening this early in the season in their lifetimes.

This doesn't bode well for the affects of La Nina on Idaho this winter.  If this is merely the "opening round" of a ten-round championship match, then we all better get ready for the later rounds--each of them could be potential knockouts. 

We will monitor the storm closely and post updates whenever they are relevant.

To say "cheers" here is not appropriate for our Idaho Friends. So let us say simply, "We Love You.  Keep Your Faith and Hunker Down.  This, too, shall pass."

Many Prayers from J&S.


siegfried said...

Let's have Hound Dawg's epic story!!

Drewser said...

Must be that global warming... ;-)