Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dawn of a New Sundown

As each day dawns and then dwindles back down to dark, one moment or two each evening defines a particular and often peculiar character of each day.  It's called simply, "the sunset."  We all know it as that time when we pause to reflect and ponder the lessons of each day gone by.

As we have often noted here, we are fortunate to have the gift of a  "remote sunset sensor."  Yea, verily, his name is Roger, and he lives in yonder foothills.  With the gift of his lens and photographical acumen, he captures each of those Special Specimens we wish we could see for ourselves.  Tonight was no exception.

Susun once again lamented, "WOW, there's a HOT sunset going on tonight, I sure wish I could see it."  For my part, I said, "Well, if it's worth a hoot (sic), Roger's all over it and we'll see it soon."

Sure enough, very little time passed before this masterpiece came home to roost here on our blog.  We simply can't thank Roger enough for allowing us to "reprint" his creative talents here.  (NOTE:  It's not technically a "reprint" since this is the digital age.  You have to use some creative license here to make that connection. You get the picture, so to speak.)

It's been a great day and we wish you Many Cheers!  jp

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