Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Endless Summer ending

The Beach Boys hot 1960's tune from their "Sounds of Summer" album echoes in our head this morning.  You can click the YouTube video embedded below to listen to it while you read the rest of this blog post.  Ah, summer's last glow is finally fading into winter's first snow.  Within mere days, the winds will howl and it'll be time for us to throw in the towel.  By this time next week, overnight lows will be in the mid-teens and daytime highs will struggle to get above freezing.

Meanwhile, though, we're gonna have "fun, fun fun until Daddy takes the T-bird away!"  Yesterday's high was 61, a full 12 degrees above normal.  Today is progged at 62, tomorrow at 63 and Friday's probably gonna clear 60 as well.  Daddy takes the T-Bird away this weekend and it all comes crashing down next week.  Even before we read the news, oh, boy, we made plans yesterday for our OAZ departure.  We're leaving November 16 or 17, depending on the travel weather forecast, of course.

We still want to squeeze in the last vestiges of our "fun, fun, fun" before the T-Bird goes bye-bye but we also realize this week's golden weather offers a unique opportunity to pack and rig in the warm, windless sunshine.  To play or pack?  Ah, that is the question!  Maybe we can do both.

Yesterday was a Play Day for me.  I voted to play golf pretty much all day starting at 11 and ending near 5.  "The Golf Dude" photo is below and comes complete with searing commentary by The Goatherder.  The word "Dude" is used in context of the original 19th Century definition as detailed on our blog Glossary.  My eyes are narrowed because I was looking into the low angle morning sunlight.  However, it reminded me of what I suppose must pass for a "golf hustler" so that's how I spun it out on the blog last night.  Heck, it even prompted me to challenge Houn' Dawg to a $5 bet on our next round of Kiddie Golf.

Actually, my reincarnation as a golfer has been a lot of fun and I'm glad it happened.  I'm enjoying the game as it's played on a tiny chip and putt short course.  I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to play real golf on a real regulation course.  Playing the little $3.25 short course is a lot like extreme croquet only longer and with major air balls!  It's been a fun ride but by Friday the clubs will be packed away until next fall.  It's highly unlikely (as well as illogical and irrational) that we would play golf during the summer camping and boating season.

The photos above say it all: The Porch Project is Complete!  YEA!  Three cheers!  (Cue holiday noise makers and confetti floating in air.)  Wright Roofing's pro team swooped in yesterday and waved their magic wands over the porch and, voila, it's a genuine gem now.  Mike, Wright's Main Man, has been doing metal roofs for over 20 years and his skills really shine.  Susun and I are very happy with the final product.  It turned out far better than either of us imagined it could or hoped it would.  Now, we can live in Arizona all winter content in the knowledge that the inside of our home is accessible in case there's an emergency and someone absolutely MUST get inside.  Without the porch roof, there were be a permanent impassable ice dam in front of that door until sometime in April.  (We totally seal the front door from the inside so that it can't be opened with anything short of a battering ram.)

We think we'll begin packing the big truck today and spend part of each day this week adding stuff that's already boxed and prepped to go. It's going to be a busy time once again here at our Idahome.  We've had the luxury of leisure times here since we ended our camping season September 9th, 54 days ago. It's been great but now it's time to pack up and get ready to migrate.

Here are a couple of items in closing this morning.  We had a major life milestone last night.  We paid no attention whatsoever to election returns.  We didn't once check Google News (or any other online news); we didn't watch TV and we didn't listen to XM Radio!  That marks the first time since childhood that we didn't pay attention to election returns.  One of our earliest memories is watching fuzzy black and white TV election returns in the 1950's.  Well, no more.  Those days are history.  We didn't have a clue how it turned out until we read our morning newspaper.  Believe me, in this day and age ignorance really IS Bliss!

Second, we really cranked up our Snowbirds Twitter account yesterday.  We put some serious juice into it.  We're adding followers rather rapidly, going from 11 earlier this week to 41 as of this morning.  Frankly, we are very proud of what we're doing with this particular Twitter.  We not putting a speck of our own personal activities on it--it's all about events, places, people and real news you can use.  In the coming months ahead, we suspect this particular Twitter is going to be one VERY popular place for people to visit.  If you haven't checked it out, we suspect you might find it rather interesting:

Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

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