Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ah, The Glory of It All!

We have a Buddy in Stanley, Idaho.  Perhaps you've heard of the place.  It's one of the Coldest Places in the Lower 48.  NOBODY lives there in the winter.  Well, there's maybe 50 people who do (on a good day). 
Our Buddy sent us this photo late today.  We cherish this picture and we will tell you why we do tomorrow.  In the meantime, CHEERS! jp


Kirsty said...

It is beautiful but it does look c-c-c-coooold. Rexburg Idaho is about as cold a location as I ever hope to live in :0

Anonymous said...

Williams Peak 10,635 ft.towers over the little town of Stanley. The peak was named after Dave Williams a Sawtooth Valley Rancher and sometimes Mtn. Guide who guided Mr. and Mrs Underhill up the peak for the first ascent in 1934.