Sunday, September 5, 2010

Moving On

Well, sooner or later we're gonna get this blog thing figured out.  This evening I decided to take down the two blog posts about the BYU Cougars.  Instead of cluttering up this blog with narrowly focused football topics, I created the page entitled "BYU Courages" above this blog.  You can see the link next to the Glossary.  I will put everything and anything I care to write and print about BYU football there instead of here.  Football is kinda close to politics, if you get my drift.  Some people can get as passionate about their football teams as some people do about their politicians and parties (the political kind, of course).  So, since football is simply politics of another kind, it's been banished into a little niche all its own.  I can't possibly imagine anyone would EVER want to go there to read anything I write about the Cougs and that's OK since I am writing this stuff for my own edification and entertainment.  Simply put, it's fun for me or I wouldn't be doing it.

We've had a great couple of days here so far this weekend.  Jeff (AKA: Houn Dawg) and Suzanne came to visit this morning and stayed a couple of hours.  We're trying to start a tradition whereby we get together for brunch on teh Sundays of the Summer Holiday Trilogy: Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.  We baked a perfect cornbread, bacon, eggs and potatoes O'Brien.  We all enjoyed ourselves and vowed to renew the tradition on the last Sunday of May next year.

Meanwhile, we donned our little Utah Beehive Hat and have been busy little worker bees for two days.  We're scurrying about like the neighborhood squirrels getting ready for the Jenny Lake trip.  Unlike the local squirrels I haven't had to climb any tall trees or walk the high wire powerlines in order to rig for this trip--we're just doing the "scurry" part, not the climbing part.

The wind blew like crazy here for many hours today just like the Wonky NWS Pokemon said it would.  The peak gust appears to have been 52 mph sometime between 3 and 4 pm.  For six full hours from noon to six, gusts were mostly above 40 mph.  It was a real corker!  The winds have laid down now and it's eerie calm outside.  It feels like the wind exhausted itself.

Our Associate Carrie who's leading the charge for the Greenebelt Art Benches had an unfortunate accident Friday.  Her horse kicked her in the elbow and fractured that joint.  Carrie had to spend two days in the hospital this weekend.  Ouch!

Well, it's a pretty lazy weekend, not much to report.  I'm entertaining myself preparing some other articles about the BYU Cougars.  However, I PROMISE I won't mention them here in this blog-0-space.

Have a great evening and Many Cheers, jp

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