Monday, September 6, 2010


They said it was gonna be COLD and they got it right! It's 40 here at home this AM and lookee over at Moose, Wyoming--WOW--it's 25 degrees over there right now! Moose is slightly warmer than the Jenny Lake Campground. I'd guess it would probably be 20-23 degrees at the campground right now. That's low enough to freeze water in a bucket. Brrrrr...... You can bet the reality of that temperature level will definitely affect how we finish packing today. Uh, huh.


siegfried said...

Best wishes for your Teton trip. If cold, hope its clear and that those great mountains will be sharp against a blue sky.

I am in complete ageement with your comments about college football. Most are just farm teams for the NFL.BYU is gratifinely different. I don't watch any college games these days, but after your words, I will watch BYU.

Marti Spudboater said...

Hopefully Siegfried will start watching Boise State. They are not a farm team for the NFL. If they have one player or two make the NFL it's an amazing feat because their players play great college football, but they are typically small compared to most NFL players.And unless they screw up, they'll be playing in a bowl game again, hopefully the Championship or Rose Bowl this time around.

As for Moose, Wyoming--I lived in Moose after my freshman year in college and worked at a dude ranch that I stayed on as a caretaker with a local woman named Joyce (now deceased) for the Fall, skipping a quarter of school at Colorado State. I tell you, it got way cold in the fall of 1973. I would hitch hike to the ski hill in a down sleeping bag that I had cut holes in the bottom and sewn some down booties to. We're talking freezing yer butt off. The I would ski on my season pass the ranch gave me. A great place to be at age 19 (the Wyoming drinking age).