Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The sun is midway between the North and South Poles today.  There's a sign beside Highway 93 along the Salmon River that marks the 45th Parallel.  The sign says, "You are halfway between the North and South Poles here."  I always like to imagine that the sun is shining right down on that sign today.   Anyway, Happy Equinox--and remember--Only 94 days to Christmas!

Susun made it home in fine time--arriving 20 minutes earlier than scheduled.  Heck, I barely had time to "get it together" before she showed up.  It was great to see her and we headed directly to Hilda's Garden.  She was so delighted to see the geese and the horse.  We then visited other benches and have a wonderful Family Home Evening.  It sure is great to have her back here!  Welcome Home, Susun!

My morning got off to a real early start--I had the Zuki over to the muffler shop at 7:45 am and then spent the first part of the morning cleaning house.  I arrived at the Bench Dedication a few minutes before 10 am and stayed until most of the people were gone about 10:45 am.  Carrie made a real nice speech and she publicly recognized me for helping her.  I even got a round of applause from the 50+ people in attendance.  I think my face turned red.  I took a lot of photos and will post a link them them when they are processed today.  I have to get them processed today as Carrie is leaving tomorrow for a month in the South of France. (Carrie's on the horse bench at right above.)

The remainder of the day was all about house cleaning.  I did drive the Zuki about 20 miles to make sure it was OK and then took it to pick up Susun.  She was very happy with the new vehicle.

Another spot of interesting news surfaced yesterday.  There's a little known airline that serves Idaho Falls called Allegiant.  Anyway, they started here a few years ago selling trips back and forth to Vegas.  Ho, hum, who cares?  Then things got interesting when they decided to add service to the Long Beach airport in SOCAL.  Hum, that's going to make it a LOT more convenient for Susun to visit Sarah and the boys.  Then things got even MORE interesting yesterday when they announced yesterday Monday and Friday non-stop service from River City to Mesa, Arizona!  Is that wild or what?  Yea, verily, that's wild.  Their introductory rates are quite low--$100 round trip to the Mesa Gateway airport.  With the usual taxes and fee, it comes to $150 out the door.  That's almost like stealing!  The Mesa Airport is a nice short drive from Susun's brother's home.  it sure will make it convenient in case we need to jet up here while we are in Arizona or go down there while we are up here.

We're not sure what's in store for today--Susun show signs of jet lag this AM so "we shall see," as they say.

Cheers, jp

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The Goatherder said...

Susun horsing around and gettin' goosed...she really enhances those benches! Betcha you're glad she's home safe and sound.