Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wine Blog Born

Greetings this fine Thursday morning! Our headline item today is the debut of a "Verde Valley Wines" blog by none other than The Goatherder (TGH) hisself. (Cue the trumpets, drum roll and fanfare.) OK, OK, thank you for your wild applause--you can all sit down now. We are TGH's Blog Coach. Yeah, we wear a whistle around our neck and make him run into rows of old tires like he is at high school football practice. We're really proud of TGH for his untiring efforts to get this blog up and running on rather short notice. TGH is actually embarking on a new career--that of a wine expert focused entirely on Verde Valley and Arizona vintages. We will undoubtedly write a much longer narrative on the topic of TGH's blog over on our Snowbird blog. We just wanted you to be aware that the blog is a Big Deal and it's going to be fun to read and follow. You can click here to go there and read his first five posts. Congrats to TGH!!!! OK, the trumpeters and drummers can stop with the fanfare now.

I didn't get out of the house until noon yesterday. Yep, it was a slow moving morning. I did get a lot done on the Zuki yesterday and perhaps even solved one of the major issues of this "new" vehicle. You can click over to the Zuki blog to read all about it.

Susun had a great day, too, and she didn't leave the house even once. She's really happy to be back in her homestead and she busied herself with all sorts of homemaker chores.

I had a huge day at the t-stores. HUGE! I spent over $20 and brought home all manner of great stuff, including a practically new Coleman stove for $5. This is a model 425F, which means it's a little newer than our 425D. It was built in the early 1970's. The paint is basically brand new and it's as clean as a pin. The white gas tank is in perfect condition. WOW!

I also scored two new air pumps for our inflatable. One's a barrel pump and one's a foot pump. The pair would probably cost nearly $50 new and I got them both for $8.75. Gotta love them t-store scores. I even scored a nearly new Halex Minotaur dart board for $2. This model is roughly $40 on ebay right now, plus maybe $12-$15 shipping because of the weight. This thing weighs in at perhaps 15 pounds and it's the thick sisal style board. We're gonna take it to Arizona and mount in on a shed wall and have ourselfs dart tourneys. I got some other knick knacks but nothing comparable to the stove, pumps and board.

Well, there's not much else to report today. Cheers! jp

Almost forgot a couple of items: A) Yesterday I put up a post on the weather blog about what we might expect weatherwise for the next three months. You can click here to read it. B) DF & LBR Maggie sent along a link to a "lost city." Remember how Qwest denied the existence of Idaho Falls? Well, Google Maps "lost" this Florida city. The story illustrates how dependent we've become on our techno gadgetry. Click here to read the CNN story. Thanks, Maggie!

This just in! I found a great article on "The Tale of Two Cornvilles" and wrote a blog post about it this morning over on the Snowbird blog. Click here to read it.

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The Goatherder said...

Thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement. I hope everybody here'll come and visit and tell their wino friends!