Friday, September 3, 2010

Golfing, sort of

Houn Dawg and I went out to Sand Creek about 3:30 pm yesterday and stayed until 5:30.  We had a ball (pun intended).  We each rented a $3.50 BIG bucket of golf balls and spent most of our time firing away on the spacious, unpopulated driving range.  Much to my abject surprise, after 45 years I can still hit a golf ball straight, true and actually for some decent distance, too.  Believe it or not, I actually mustered a few 100 yard shots with a nine iron! I didn't do so well with the woods or the lower numbered irons.  It was great fun.

Houn Dawg himself is quite a proficient hitter and it's easy to see he's a power golfer.  After smacking all of our golf balls out yonder, we spent a lot of time on the free chipping and putting areas.  Once again, I surprised myself with surprising accuracy on 30-50 foot putts.  No, none of those 30-50 putts actually dropped but they came close enough for me to "two-putt" the practice green.

Sand Creek is a delightful place with a nice easy-going mix of people of all ages, styles of dress and gender.  Most of the people goofing off at the driving range were wearing old blue jeans and faded shirts--no style hawks there!  The only people I saw dressed in "typical" golf clothes were older generation duffers.  None of the younger generation adhered to anything resembling mainstream "golf style."  After we both tired of chipping and putting, we relaxed in the bar and grill.  Houn Dawg had a boutique bottled beer for three bucks and I enjoyed nice cold free water.  It's a fun place.  Thanks, Houn Dawg!

My total capital outlay for golf equipment (to date) rose from $40 to $59.  The expenditures included: two putters at a buck each, a sand wedge for $5, some wiffle balls for $2.50, a cool little metal thermos that fits in the golf bag for $2, two miscellaneous miscellaneous small bags to help organize stuff ($3.50)and, finally, an NRS 3-foot strap to hold the bottom of the golf bag in the cart ($4).

The owner of the local whitewater store was highly amused that I was buying an NRS strap to use in a golf context.  He said "that's a first in this store" and laughed heartily.  He even provided me with a free NRS sticker to place on the golf cart.  It's looks real spiff.

At this point, I've got about everything needed and the capital outlay portion of this gig has come to an end.  People are getting a real chuckle out of the fact that 100% of everything I've purchased (except for the wiffle balls) has been used and found in a thrift store or a pile of cast off clubs.  I'm guessing the retail value of the stuff I've accumulated for $57.50 would run perhaps $300 or more.

Susun is busy preparing for her upcoming San Diego trip.  Since she won't have any time to prep and pack upon our return from Jenny Lake, she has to do it all this week.  She's been a real dynamo each day, once again showing that she clearly inherited her Mom's nickname--"Turbo Tutu."  She's been doing long, fast-paced Greenbelt walks while carrying handweights. She's been doing the ultra low carb scene and has foregone Happy Hour this week.  She's proud of the fact she's lost four pounds!  She had her hair done yesterday and, yes verily, she sure looks real spiff and buff.

Today kicks off Labor Day weekend.  Maybe it technically started yesterday.  It's the Summer Season's Last Hurrah.  Weekend Warriors and their families will try to squeeze in once some final frenzied fun before settling in for the long fall-winter-spring seasons ahead.

We're looking forward to enjoying a nice long weekend here at home.  If past holidays are any guide, the city will feel deserted and the stores all practically empty.

Have a great day & Cheers!  jp

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Marti Spudboater said...

One of the things I've always thought about Labor Day and New Years Eve is they are both for amateurs. By that, I mean, there is always a chance you might run into drunk drivers, or stoners on any given day or night of the week, but when you get to these two holidays--yo baby! Look out! All the amateur drinkers and stoners come out of the wood work; plus amateur campers, amateur fisher people, amateur party animals. You get my drift. So it's safer to stay home, ride the bike,watch a little football, drink some beer or wine and call it good.