Thursday, September 2, 2010

Arizona Snowbird Blog back up and running

Our Arizona Snowbird blog has been in hibernation since early spring.  Today, it yawned and stretched and came out of its hibernation cave with a great, big, long, rambling post.  We've once again started paying closer attention to Arizona and Verde Valley news.  We decided to comment on some news items and provide links to the "rest of the story," as a famous newscaster always intoned.

You can click here to read the newly awakened blog:

Today's weather dawned more user friendly than the previous few days.  Even though the chilly temps were in the mid-40's, it's great to see a clear blue sky and bright sunlight. It appears there's no wind.  Yesterday's wind blew like a banshee for 10 full hours, routinely gusting well into the 30's all day.  No wonder they are putting up some many wind turbines on that ridge to the west of here.

Hey, let's talk camping gear instead of golf stuff, OK?  Yesterday we pretty much finished our new "motel rig."  It's really spiff.  It has a coffee maker, a little hotplate, a kit of utensils, extension cords and all the stuff to make a meal in a motel room.  It's so spiffy we will probably take some photos of it to post up here later today.  

Now we have set our sights on putting together a completely new rig for the approaching Jenny Lake trip.  It's going to be a lot leaner and lighter than our Big Rig that we take to places like Ellis or Baumgartner, etc.  Hopefully, we will never again have to cannibalize any one of each of the rigs to take a different style trip.  It sure does make it easy having three thrift stores in town.  If I need something as esoteric as four butter knives, I know I will have no trouble finding them...and cheap, too.

Our plans have probably changed as far as going to The City of Rocks in mid-October.  There appears to be a scheduling issue with Dear Friend Marti Lu (AKA Spudboater) so we shall see.  We also messed up in our scheduling because we have to be back in Salmon for a week right around that time frame.  My, my, how these things sometime unravel.

Well, the flames are dying down about our golf gig.  We sure do enjoy the flame comments and hope more of them are forthcoming.  This is way too much fun so keep 'em coming!

Since we spent more than an hour messing with the Snowbird blog that's it for now here @ y2ten.  C-YA.  Cheers, jp

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siegfied said...

I guess that if you
I guess that if "you got to do it", the Children's Course won't take up too much of your time.
And the water supply is a non-issue. So - flail away - and may all your putts run true.
A non-golfer