Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where to Wednesday?

Here we go---thinking out loud again.  Whazzup with Wednesday?  Well, we know we have to be at the Senior Center for lunch today--it's meat balls so that doesn't sound to bad.  Chances are we will have a sandwich here about 11 am and then go to lunch there a little before 1 pm.  Susun's going to do Judy's water aerobics at 8 am and I will walk around the Back 40 of the Sacajawea Center taking photos.  The Center has a tremendous website that showcases the place.  Click here to see it.

We will probably go out to the Humane Society's kennel to get some pix there.  We also need to make contact with the Principal of the Pioneer Elementary School; the Salmon Valley Hospice, Discovery Care Center and the Forest Service.  Meanwhile, we'd like to touch base with the BLM Cartographer and Salmon Field Office Recreation Planner, too.  We have a 2:30 appt. with Judy again so there's not much wiggle room in our day. I need to get some photos regarding the local museum. They have updated their website.  Click here to see it.   If possible, we'd like to make another attempt to see Karla M. at the local EICAP office.  We will do the hospital tomorrow morning before leaving town to have lunch out at the old Lemhi Shoshone Indian School building on Hayden Creek.  That's a real throwback if there ever was one!  Click here to see some photos of it.

We'll be lucky to get everything done that we need to do on this trip.  We've already realized we need to make one more trip up here this year.  It will probably be sometime in early October.  There's a lot of good stuff happening here in Salmon and it's great that we are able to be here and make these contacts.

Well, that pretty much constitutes my "day planner" entries for today.

Cheers!  jp

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