Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm A Cougar Fan

I'm a COUGAR Fan! The Brigham Young University Cougars... GO COUGS!

I've been a BYU Cougar fan since the days of Jim McMahon. Trust me, any card-carrying Chicago Bears fan will forever be a Jim McMahon fan. He was The Best and he lead Da Bears to the 1986 Super Bowl XX. Their season was played out in 1985, of course, and McMahon really starred. Well, I even bought his biography and realized he was really a fish out of water playing for BYU as a non-LDS element on their team. 

OK, where is this topic going? Let's around these parts and you're labeled LDS. Pure and simple. I am PROUD of BYU football. The strides they've made in recent years are epic and awesome and I am proud to be a BYU fan. But you should see the looks I get from wearing a BYU t-shirt.

I wore my BYU T-shirt to the Salmon grocery store tonight and it was so fun to see the gamut of stares and even a few glares I received.

I gotta tell ya I LOVE wearing my BYU T-shirt. I truly do. I bought it in Provo in 2007--these t-shirts were and are actually kinda hard to find. I wear my BYU T-shirt with pride and an attitude. I am proud of BYU.  Their players are great and they are kind of throwbacks to the Olden Days of football.  I've become disenchanted with most all other college and pro football teams.  But not BYU--they represent the best of what college football ought to be about.

GO COUGS!  Cheers, jp

PS--Click here to keep track of the Cougs.

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Marti Spudboater said...

You can have your stinkin Coug's shirt, Johnny, but BYU going solo is ludicrous. Though they say it's just so they can prosletyze. That hasn't worked for Notre Dame and they even drink, so I doubt it will work for BYU. Boise State is the name of the game, kiddo. Ranked number 3 by Sports Illustrated and number 5 int he pre-season coaches poll. I think BYU left just so they don't look bad losing to Boise State year in and year out in the future.

I'm sticking with blue and orange. But I will admit Jim McMahon was the ONLY reason ever to watch BYU, which I didn't. I did love him with the da BEARS!

And your little jeep is nice. That bbque grill with the motorized spit--we had and identical one to that growing up in Illinois. Every Saturday night my folks cooked filet mignon or some tri tip or such on that baby and drank high balls in the back yard with their friends. We made home made limeades and played croquet. And kick the can.