Monday, August 9, 2010

We're cookin'

Yeah, the phrase "we're cookin'" can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.  In the context of this blog post it simply means this:  "We are cooking."  Very simple.  We cooked cornbread this morning and baked pork chops and an onion this evening.  So, we're cooking.  It's that simple  No hidden meanings.

Baking the pork chops was a real adventure that turned out just right.  First, I dredged them in whole wheat flour and then browned them on both sides in a great big 12 inch cast iron skillet on high heat with splattering oil.  Then I laid all six of them out in a 13 x 9 baking pan lined in foil.  Then I chopped up two yellow onions and laid out the chopped pieces all over the browned chops.  Then I chopped up four stalks of celery and spread those pieces over the onions and pork.  Finally, I set about making the "sauce."  Here's what it was:  a can of cream of celery soup; 1.5 cups of "no sugar added" apple sauce; 3 tbsp of sour cream; one quarter cup of minced garlic; salt and pepper; and some whole wheat flour--not much, just enough to thicken this sauce to spreadable consistency.  This thick sauce spread evenly over all six pork chops.  I covered the pan with foil and sealed tightly and baked 90 minutes, mostly on low heat--maybe in the 225-250 range.  I used the laser thermometer to monitor El Turco and make sure it wasn't pulling some hot rod stunt into the high 300's or maybe even the low 400's!

While the chops were cooling, I baked an onion flower.  No, we didn't fry this puppy in hot oil--we baked it.  I sprayed it with raspberry salad dressing and then coated it in a special mixture, as you can see.  It was a perfect al dente onion and a wonderful accompaniment to the chops.  Tomorrow, we will use some of these roasted onion leaves to add to our cornbread mix.  Me thinks they would be good in a Noon Time Salad tomorrow, too.

It's been a long day and there's been way too much happening to report in this blog post.  We will bring everything up to date tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, CHEERS!  jp

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