Thursday, August 19, 2010

South Lemhi

South Lemhi ROX.  There's NO doubt about it.  There are almost no people left in South Lemhi.  It's a Ghost Town in progress if there is such a concept.  But there is still life left in South Lemhi and it's in the South Lemhi Senior Center.  Who woulda thunk that a Senior Center could be the last vestige of life left anywhere?  Well, it's true.  We love South Lemhi, we truly do.  We got to have a great visit there today and we don't even have HALF the photos we shoulda have taken to depict the situation there.  What you see here is what you get.  Anna Vihlen has passion and it shows in everything she does, especially when she's cooking an entire meal for 20 people.  Today, she baked some chicken leg quarters.  While the chicken was baking she made mashed potatoes from scratch.  Then she put together a giant fruit bowl and then she made two trays of Bruschetta and then she made a special desert in a spring form pan and then, to top it off, she took her own home grown zucchini and sliced it thin and entertained herself and us by frying it to charred perfection.  Ah, The Hinterlands of America!  And then, get this, they only charge THREE DOLLARS for this meal, including milk, coffee, tea, or whatever floats your boat.   Anna was happy to show us the photo board that Sharon Albach did after ourt event last July 2009.  We were humbled to see these photos displayed some prominently in the old 1880's Indian School building.  (See historic photo at bottom.  The building at right in the photo is today's Senior Center.)  Click here for the website we made for this Senior Center.

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Marti Spudboater said...

How many days a week do they cook up a storm for that little Senior Center at $3 a pop? I plan to drop into South Lemhi some time in the future and check it when I get that way. I mean, I belong to AARP these day, and while I don't feel old at all, I like good food just like Johnny Montezuma and his bride do.

The RV for grandma and grandpa is real sweet, too.

And while you've been busy cooking up chicken a la franchise you may have missed the the impending departure of Nevada and Fresno State from the WAC to the Mountain West; and it looks like your beloved Cougs just might be staying in the WAC afterall.

Talk about musical football chairs. I think they should just all become free agents and proseltyze about whatever, whenever and wherever. Just get rid of all those silly conferences cause they just seem to muck things up anyways. It worked for Notre Dame all those years, but of course, now that ESPN is dropping them like a hot potato at the INEL site they want into a conference. Go figure?

Your truly on a nice day in Boise, Marti Lu Spudboater