Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunny Side Up?

Click here to see the animation of the photo above. This is a series of photos of the solar disk. There was a huge eruption on the back side of the Sun on August 18. You can see just how huge it was by seeing the animation above. If this giant of an eruption had happened when that part of the Sun was facing our planet it might have wrecked havoc with our communications systems down here on lowly Earth. The Sun's activity has really been heating up lately and we are in the very early phases of the new sunspot cycle. Normally, we'd put this sort of stuff on our weather blog which we will soon begin updating on a regular basis. There sure has been some wild and whacky weather taking place around the globe. Anyway, the Sun's the thing to watch right now--it's the Major Driver for stuff that happens here on our third rocks from the sun. There are some people who think a huge solar event could even knock out the power grid and, Heaven forbid, the internet! What? No more blog? NO, say it ain't so. Well, ya just never know. Cheers, jp
PS--Thanks for the Spaceweather tip, Siegfried!

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