Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where we nooned

When the Old Timers were traveling these parts, some of them kept journals.  Keeping a journal was kind of a mark of distinction between people back in those days.  People who kept journals were a cut above people who didn't keep journals.  It was kind of the difference between top shelf whiskey and get the picture.

One of the recurrent comments in historical journals is about "nooning."  Nooning was a big deal.  It was basically a mid-day kind of camp that people made to "noon."  It didn't matter it is was really noon or not.  Noon often had nothing to do with it.  But the concept of "nooning" was real important.  And "where we nooned" was often noted in journals all across the west during that great multi-generational phase of America's Manifest Destiny.

So today Susun and I Nooned on the Lemhi River near the Hayden Creek Confluence.  We even let Gramma and Gramps stretch their legs while we nooned, too.  They loved it.  They got closer to the river than they've been in their dreams.  It was a win-win Nooning for everyone!

After we Nooned, we headed off to the South Lemhi Senior Center and that will be the topic of our next post.  (NOTE: See the little black old style metal lunch box on the tailgate?  That's the RV for Gramma & Gramps!)

Cheers, jp

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