Sunday, August 8, 2010

The DJ wore a tux

We've never seen a DJ in a tux.  Have you?  The wedding was spectacular--only Susun's daughter Sarah's wedding ranks above this event.  As a grand scale stage event, though, Jan & Matt's wedding was really "over the top" awesome.  WOW!  And to think I might have missed this wedding by going on the Middle Frok--what a loss that would have been.  I know this sounds like total heresy but the Middle Fork simply couldn't hold a candle to this wedding.  (Besides, there's a medium size wildland fire on that river now and six river camps have been closed so you know the corridor is full of smoke. UGH!)

Where to begin on the wedding?  Well, there's no way to tell the story in the manner it deserves.  We took a ba-zillion photos--I'm guessing maybe 200 pictures between the two of us.  It was totally superb in every way, right down to the most esoteric, finest minute detail.  The weather was perfect and that DJ?  Well, he really knew his stuff and he was as much of an artist as a DJ can be.

There were two highlights for me--one was our canoe.  Canoe?  Yes, our canoe--the 15-foot green coleman was pressed into service at the last minute yesterday and FILLED with beer!  I mean it was a genuine boatload of beer.  Now the canoe is a legend in its own time.  Not many canoes can boast being filled with beer and we have photos to prove it.

The other highlight was so totally far over the top that only photos will be able to tell the story.  Two of Jana's Father's cousins came all the way up from Duchesne, Utah, to roast 36 chickens.  Their roasting rig will forever rank as the most unique, creative, and truly odd roasting rig of ALL TIME.  It simply can't and never will ever be topped.  We have seen the ultimate chicken roasting rig and have photos to prove it. 

Our little mini-camp rig worked great--very slick, actually.  We were packed up and gone out of there (even after loading up the canoe well before 9 am this morning.  Susun's going out for a walk with her friend, Teresa, and I'm heading to Staples to buy a 50-pack of 8x10 photo paper for a buck.  We will process and post photos later--and maybe even provide some more narrative details, too.

Cheers, jp

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