Sunday, August 8, 2010

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We had an inquiry from a new reader (Thanks, Teresa!).  I sent an email explaining a little bit about this blog.  It was interesting for me to attempt to explain this creature.  As I was at the WINCO Spa & Relaxation Center this evening, I pondered some of the realities of this blog.  Here's some trivia--maybe it's interesting and maybe it's not.

We've put up 369 posts, including this one.  That's 50.89 posts per month.  January was the busiest with 75 posts.  February and May were the next busiest months with 57 and 59 posts respectively.  July and March have been the least busiest with 38 and 37 posts.  The blog posts have been accompanied by a whopping total of 382 photos!

We probably have a core of 15 LBRs and perhaps sometimes as many as 20 readers.  The blog generally gets over 100 visits a week.  The average visitor spends only a minute and a half at the blog and generally views 2 pages.

Comments seem to run in "spurts."  We will go days and days without a comment and then we will get several comments within a short time period--only to return to what I like to call a "comment drought."  Lately, it seems we get almost as many comments via email as we do via the blog comment thingie.

The first paragraph of the first blog post January 1, 2010, said, "We both know that Y2Ten will be a genuine milestone year for us. We're certain that it will be filled with major changes in our lifestyle, finances and activity patterns. We have no clue how all of these changes will manifest themselves or begin to appear and evolve. However, we absolutely certain that they will."

And the last comment of that same post said, " I think you can probably see why I started this blog--it's going to be tough to keep track of how this year evolves. A blog is a great tool to track our personal history as it happens."

That's a remarkably apt assessment of what this blog has done for the past 369 posts.  If we would have not been writing this blog thing, I can't imagine how we could possibly remember what it was that we've done during this hectic and busy year so far.  The word "blog" was born by combining two words: "Web" and "log."  In the early days of the internet, geeky people would keep a running commentary on their activities, generally typing in pure ASCII letters using Windows Notepad.  These rudimentary "web logs" became increasingly more sophisticated and somewhere along the line, the word "blog" was born and the rest is history.

We really and truly appreciate our LBRs and their great comments.  Thank you for reading and THANK YOU for your comments.

Well, it's Half Past Happy Hour so 'tis time to press the "PUBLISH" button and see how the remainder of this fine evening unfolds.

Cheers!  jp

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