Sunday, August 15, 2010

Diploma in hand!

WOW--it came right down to the wire but I managed to graduate from Cornbread Reform School this morning.  I feel so relieved, elated and just downright pleased to have my diploma in hand.  A cap and gown never felt better!  I can hear that graduation tune echoing in my head and here's a tip o' the cap to all those applauding in the bleacher seats here at Cornbread Reform School.  Whew, it was a long tough road this week but we stayed the course, hung in there and made it to the finish line.

Honestly, though, I thought I blew it this morning and would be denied my diploma.  I spaced out and forgot to buy some more sour cream yesterday.  I had the dry mix all put together, the jalapeno chopped, and all the rest ready to go. I had beat the eggs and oil and then went to the fridge to get my third cup of sour cream. sour cream to be had.  OH, NO!  How could this be?  What an airhead!  So, it was with a heavy heart that I sadly trudged forward substituting ordinary milk for the sour cream.  A pall hung over El Turco during the baking process and I was depressed.  The thought of being trapped in Cornbread Reform School really weighed on my psyche.

Finally, after the bread cooled, it came time to eat it.  I didn't even want to get it out of the oven.  Both of us dutifully picked our small 2x2 piece of cornbread and feared the worst.  Imagine our mutual abject surprise and delight when we suddenly realized the cornbread had vastly improved by NOT having the sour cream in it!  What a total shock for both of us.  WOW, it was really, really GOOD cornbread--the best we've ever baked.  Susun had so many great things to say about it and she even shook my hand and offered her heartfelt "congratulations."  I was so humbled by her praise.  We both had to tear ourselves away from the skillet lest we would eat too much of a good thing.  Who could have known that the lack of the sour cream was the missing link between me and my diploma?  Who could have guessed my airheadedness provided the catalyst to catapult over the finish line with class and style!  WOW!

Well, there you have it.  We're done with Cornbread Reform School and we can now re-enter polite society with our degree and a diploma to prove it: Johnny Montezuma, ChD.

Thanks for your support during these tense and trying times.  It came down to the wire but we're home free now!  WHA--WHOOO!

Cheers, jp

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